Horwich Leisure Centre, Transport Assessment

Highway Authority:Bolton Council

Developer:Bolton Council

Lead Designer/Consultant:GT Architects

Contractor:Wilmot Dixon Construction

Project Scope:Transport Assessment, and Travel Plan associated with reconstruction of existing Leisure Centre

Completion Date:Anticipated March 2017

Bolton Council’s proposal to demolish an existing leisure centre and adjacent multi-storey car park in the Horwich area required a comprehensive Transport Assessment to support the planning application.  The existing leisure centre had a sub-regional catchment and generated significant volumes of traffic close to Horwich Town Centre.  The proposals also included a new Health Care Centre on the same site as the Leisure Centre, and required a careful assessment of anticipated car parking demand at the site.  Flinders Chase completed the Transport Assessment for the project, undertaking traffic surveys on the existing highway network, and a Car Park Accumulation Survey on the leisure centre, to develop a Trip Generation Methodology for the traffic impact assessment.  Car parking was rationalised and a new car park designed to accommodate peak parking demand.  The access roads were designed to accommodate the required vehicle movements, and checked with AutoTracking software to ensure their viability.  The project was successfully taken through the planning stage, and into construction, with an anticipated completion date of March 2017.