SFX College, Transport Assessment

Highway Authority:Liverpool City Council

Developer:Liverpool City Council

Lead Designer/Consultant:Architects


Project Scope:Transport Assessment, (including ARCADY, PICADY and LinSig junction capacity assessments) and outline highway design associated with improvements to an existing secondary school

Completion Date:April 2016

Under Liverpool City Council’s Liverpool School Investment Programme, improvements to SFX College in south Liverpool were undertaken. The College is located in a historic area of Liverpool with four other adjacent schools immediately bordering the site. Flinders Chase completed the Transport Assessment for the project, which required junction capacity assessments using ARCADY, PICADY and LinSig software, (and associated trip generation assessment). Car parking was rationalised and improved across the site staff and visitors. A road safety review was undertaken on roads adjacent the school, and a recommendation made to close one pedestrian access into the school, retaining it only for servicing and delivery vehicles.

Subsequent improvements to an alternative access were made, making it the main entrance into the new school. Significant highway improvements were required under a S278 Agreement to improve the highway adjacent to the main access road, incorporating footway widening, dropped kerbs and tactile paving, and laybys to accommodate parental pick-up and drop-off.