We understand the challenges currently facing the health sector at a time when demand and costs are rising, set within a period of fast-paced organisational change. In addition to our experience of delivering large scale capital projects, our Directors have been involved in the development of a range of health facilities including neighbourhood health and diagnostics centres and training facilities for health professionals.

Strategically mapping demand for public services is a critical component in planning sustainable provision and reducing pressure on revenue budgets. We have experience in delivering community hubs that contain co-located education, health and civic facilities. These types of developments require a sophisticated degree of project planning and execution to join multiple funding streams, execute complex leasing structures and obtain approvals from multiple stakeholders. Our knowledge of the policy context and planning framework allows us to provide integrated project delivery services for GP consortia and NHS Trusts, as well as tailored specialist advice and technical services for Developers and Contractors.

We believe that there is a significant opportunity to improve the quality of the health estate, whilst making better use of capital and revenue funding sources. Our ability to share cross-sector best practice in the planning and delivery of capital projects demonstrates the added value we are able to bring for clients involved in the development of health projects.