Professional Training

Our Lead Director for Professional Qualification and Training has previously worked for the Institution of Civil Engineers delivering member services, helping individuals to become professionally qualified, and to register with the Engineering Council as engineering professionals.  Our expertise includes supporting organisations to develop their own Approved Training Schemes, reviewing trainees’ records as they progress through those training schemes, and helping individuals to become qualified via career appraisal route, technical report route and other non-standard routes.  It has also included undertaking Career Appraisal Assessments, and verifying Completion of Training Agreements.

The range of services we offer in respect of Professional Training and Qualification includes:

  • Reviews of existing Approved Training Schemes and success rates
  • Drafting of new Training Schemes to put forward for Approval
  • Managing the implementation of Approved Training Schemes to improve effectiveness
  • Eight week Career Appraisal preparation course, and individual Career Appraisal coaching
  • Individual mentoring for non-standard routes to professional qualification
  • Bespoke training programmes