Brentwood New School, Transport Assessment

Highway Authority:Trafford Borough Council

Developer:Trafford Borough Council

Lead Designer/Consultant:Ansell & Bailey


Project Scope:Transport Assessment, (including ARCADY Assessment of an existing roundabout) and highway design associated with the construction of a new SEN School in the Trafford area of Manchester

Completion Date:September 2016

Trafford Council needed to relocate and extend the existing Brentwood SEN School to address a shortfall of SEN School places across their borough. The new school has been constructed in the Sale area of Trafford, to replace the original school located in the Timperley area. Flinders Chase completed the Transport Assessment for the project, which required a capacity assessment of an existing roundabout in a residential area, (using ARCADY software) and associated trip generation assessment. A Car Park Accumulation Survey was undertaken at the existing school, and the results used to undertake an accurate assessment and justification exercise to quantify car parking at the new site. The school is required to handle in excess of 20 mini-buses every morning and afternoon, and a secure student drop-off area was designed within the school site, with the staff the car park designed to accommodate the stacking of mini-buses during peak periods, eliminating any traffic queue on the adopted highway. A complete vehicle tracking exercise was undertaken across the school site, and an existing access road into the new school was widened from 4.5m to 7m, to ensure safe access and egress of vehicles and to maximise the sight lines for exiting vehicles. Flinders Chase undertook the design of the access road widening, ensuring that changes to the Adopted Highway were undertaken, and Trafford Council’s Adopted Highways Plans updated accordingly.