• Highways & Transportation

    Our Lead Director for Highways & Transportation has over twenty years’ of experience in the design and delivery of major highways projects and highways development control. This experience allows us to provide a wide range of services for Private and …

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  • Capital Projects

    capital projects

    We provide a comprehensive range of services for delivering capital projects for private and public sector clients. Our Directors have extensive experience in delivering a variety of capital projects and programmes including buildings, highways and ICT projects. This experience includes …

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  • Highways Development Control

    The delivery of major capital projects typically involves alterations to the existing highway network and the creation of new highways and transport infrastructure to support the planned development. Effectively planning and designing these highways elements is essential in achieving planning …

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  • Education Services

    Our Lead Director for Education has built a portfolio of experience as one of the leading professionals in the UK for education capital projects. This experience includes the development of over £340million of education capital projects in 15 different local authority …

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  • Strategic Planning

    Strategic planning

    At Flinders Chase we provide a wide range of services to clients who seek to develop cohesive visions for the delivery of services and accompanying development strategies. The reduction in revenue budgets in the public and private sector, coupled with …

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  • Project Financing


    It has become increasingly challenging for private and public sector organisations to secure funding to develop capital projects. This scarcity of funding comes at a time where organisations are looking to improve the effectiveness of their estates and reduce the …

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  • Bid Strategies

    At Flinders Chase, our Directors have built an impressive portfolio of experience leading the delivery of capital projects in the private and public sectors. This diverse range of experience includes senior roles within Local Authorities, Central Government agencies and private …

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  • Expert Client

    Having a strong informed client is a fundamental ingredient in the success of any capital project or programme. We recognise the diversity of clients who range from inexperienced clients developing one-off projects to large public and private sector bodies, who …

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  • Technical & Planning

    At Flinders Chase we provide a full range of technical and planning services that are tailored to the needs of each project and fully co-ordinated to deliver a smooth reliable service for customers. Our experienced staff members take responsibility for …

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