Our Lead Director for Highways and Transportation has over 20 years’ experience in the public and private sector, delivering a wide range of highways and transportation projects from the design of estate roads through to major improvements of motorways and trunk roads. Both of our Directors were involved in formulating and implementing the £73m City Centre Movement Strategy in Liverpool, which delivered major changes and improvements to the city’s highway infrastructure, redefining the hierarchy between pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles and creating award-winning public spaces.

At Flinders Chase we provide a wide range of services to public sector clients and developers including highways design, asset management, maintenance, area-wide transport & movement strategies, transport assessments, travel plans, traffic management design and management & implementation of Section 278 & Section 38 Agreements. Customers can be assured that we understand the complexities of designing & implementing highways schemes including stakeholder management, the legal framework and the coordination of highways & transport infrastructure within wider developments.

We understand how the challenging economic climate can affect the capacity of key areas within local authorities, such as Highways Development Control. Our Director has extensive experience of managing highways development control within local authorities, which enables us to provide flexible and experienced resources to build capacity and meet skills gaps. Our experience also allows us to provide full management and design of Section 278 highway improvements and Section 38 new highway applications for Developers. This service enables us to manage risk, minimise costs and deliver programme certainty for any size of development.

We believe that implementing highways and transportation improvements goes beyond simply complying with technical standards, so we always scrutinise the brief to ensure the proposals are the most efficient way of delivering the required scheme. Our experience of working within large multi-disciplinary teams allows us to encourage innovation within the wider team, underpinning this with technical rigour. This approach has been particularly successful with public realm projects, where we are able to develop integrated partnerships with urban designers, such as the multi-award winning Hope Street Public Realm scheme.