Strategic planning

Strategic Planning

At Flinders Chase we provide a wide range of services to clients who seek to develop cohesive visions for the delivery of services and accompanying development strategies. The reduction in revenue budgets in the public and private sector, coupled with rising costs for service provision, highlight the importance of developing strategies that are based on robust projections of need and demand to target capital investment where it can deliver the greatest impact. We offer customers the benefit of our combined experience in strategic management and our technical expertise to develop ambitious and realistic masterplans and capital investment strategies. These strategies are evidence-based and are developed in a collaborative manner to fully reflect the needs and vision of each client, as well as identify realistic funding sources.

The range of strategic policy and planning services we provide includes:

  • Estates Strategies;
  • Area-Wide Transport & Infrastructure Plans;
  • Masterplans;
  • Regeneration Strategies
  • Development Plans;
  • Education Provision Reviews; and
  • Site Planning.