Expert Client

Having a strong informed client is a fundamental ingredient in the success of any capital project or programme. We recognise the diversity of clients who range from inexperienced clients developing one-off projects to large public and private sector bodies, who are experienced in developing capital projects, but may be experiencing capacity issues within their organisations. At Flinders Chase, we have a wealth of experience in providing expert client capacity and capability on a wide range of projects. We structure our commissions to provide a clear and transparent scope of services that enables us to derive maximum added value through the procurement and delivery process for the direct benefit of our customers. A strong understanding of the technical detail and the needs of the delivery partners during the design process enables us to distil the vision for the project into a clear and concise set of requirements, manage risk and promote innovation.

We provide a diverse range of Expert Client functions for private and public sector clients, which are fully tailored to their needs and include:

  • Project Direction;
  • Programme Management;
  • Capacity Building;
  • Strategic Planning;
  • Reporting & Approvals;
  • Business Cases;
  • Project Scoping;
  • Design Briefs & Design Reviews;
  • Cost Reviews;
  • Project Reviews;
  • Troubleshooting; and
  • Specialist Training.